方得电商是一家专注于跨境电子商务批发及产品研发的新兴企业。公司开创人来自国际多家抢先的跨境电子商务企业,具有丰富的从业经历和资本,为了将新“外货”卖遍全球的合营目标而走到一路。公司今朝正处于快速生长阶段,重点垦植欧美等国际市场,具有欧美仓。重要运营平台是亚马逊,运营产品涵盖玩具、游戏及周边,办公用品和电子配件等多种品类。 我们努力于为每位客户供给最优良玛丽水果机的产品和最高标准的办事,以高质量和公道的价格为客户供给广泛玛丽水果机的产品。

Overseas warehousing services

      FanDe Tech is a focus on cross-border e-commerce retail and product development of emerging enterprises. The founders of the company from a number of leading domestic cross-border e-commerce enterprises, have rich experience and abundant resources. In order to make the new "local" sold all over the world ,they come together. The company is currently in a stage of rapid development with Europe and the United States warehouse, and the main target is Europe and the United States and other international markets.Now the main operating platform is Amazon, and the main categories are toys and games, office school supplies, and electronic accessories and so on. What's more, we are committed to providing each customer with the best quality products and the highest-standard services. We provide a wide range of products with high-quality and reasonable price.